Stop Bullying Be My Friend   

Our 8-week Empowerment Program

Our vision is to provide elementary school children in Southern California access to educational opportunities to help develop their social-emotional skills which will empower them to cope with and overcome life's obstacles such as bullying and thereby strive for success. 

Our Campaign 
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1. Take a selfie displaying an empowering word against bullying. Sample:

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3. Hashtag your empowerment word (sample #confidence) as well as #stopbullyingbemyfriendchallenge 
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Together We Will Make A Difference!       
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Stop Bullying Be My Friend - The Movie 

September 8th is our launch date to begin interviewing courageous men and women who have suffered their entire lives by being either bullied or were the bully as children. We are hoping that this will change the attitude and stress the importance of being kind to one another.

California Law

Empowering the Youth of Today is determined to help change the law pertaining to all forms of bullying. With our team of courageous, determined, make-it-happen attitude women we are beginning our journey here in California.