Stop Bullying Be My Friend   

Help Us Help The Children 

Our vision is to provide elementary school children in Southern California access to educational opportunities to help develop their social-emotional skills which will empower them to cope with and overcome life's obstacles such as bullying and thereby strive for success. 

Join our stand against bullying with our "Tag a minimum of 5 friends & donate $5."


1. Go to & donate $5. 
2. Take a selfie displaying an empowering word against bullying. Sample:

3. Upload your selfie to your Facebook page.
4. Hashtag your empowerment word (sample #confidence) as well as #stopbullyingbemyfriendchallenge and #5for5
5. Include this link so your family & friends know where to go
6. Tag a minimum of 5 friends. 

Together We Will Make A Difference!
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